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1373- 8DX2FU RDM Distributor

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Technical Parameter

Bidirectional data transfer, two-way signal input and eight-way output.

With 2–way (A.B) RDM signal input 5 pins interface.

Eight-way output can switch freely input signal is RDM A or RDM B.

Input and output ports use High Voltage Protection.

Independent signal input and signal output.

Wide input stable electric power supply, suitable for voltage input of different countries.

Neutrik 3pins XLR and 5pins XLR (Option: all XLR Pin5).

Individual RDM selection indicator and LED light of each channel.

Input Voltage: AC88~256V 50/60Hz

Dimension: 19" 1U, 482mm ×173mm × 46mm

Net Weight: 1.7Kg