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1353-RHINO U240B Console

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Technical Parameter

12 scanners of 16 channels each

6 programmable chases have 30 banks each

20 banks have 8 programmable scenes each

8 slider for manual control of channels

Assignable joystick for easy of movement

File dump allows data to be sent for received between 2 units

Auto mode program controlled by speed and fade time sliders

All fade time adjustable

In fade mode, ALL (all channel) or X/Y only could be selected separately.

Reversible DMX channels fixture to react in opposition to others in a chase

8 channel or 16 channel mode

Fine adjustment for wheel PAN and TILT

Blackout master button

Manual override button allow you to grab any fixture on the fly

Data backup & restore with U-disk

USB disk backup and uploaded

Power failure memory

LED lamp connector

Power input: DC 9-12V 1000mA

Audio input: by built-in microphone or line in, 100mv-1vpp

DMX out: 3 pin female XLR

Midi in: 5 pin multiple socket

Dimension : 527mm × 192mm ×87mm

Net Weight: 2.6kg

Up to CE standard, UL standard and GB7000.15-2000 standard.