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1306-12CH DMX power switch pack

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Technical Parameter

DMX512/1990 Standard

 12 channels switch output with triac

 Switch output feature: DMX channel value 0-126=OFF, 127-255=ON

 Silicon bidirectional thyristors and zero-crossing triggering

 LED indicators for each channel

 Over current protected with rapid fuse

 Channel output: 5A per channel, 16A total

 There are nine internal chase program and the speed of these chase program can be selected

 DMX input connector: XLR-D3M

 DMX output connector: XLR-D3F

 Power supply: AC 88~ 256V 50/60Hz

 Dimension: 482mm×140mm×75mm

 Net Weight: 2.2kg


Up to CE standard, UL standard and GB7000.15-2000 standard