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1315-48CH Dimmer console

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Technical Parameter

48-channel DMX-512 dimmer console

4 pages with 12 scenes each yields 48 total playback faders (simultaneous playback)

48,000 programmable steps

2 programmable aux buttons

Adjustable chase and fade times

Run steps forward or backward could be changed at any time

Re-assignable channels

LED lamp connector 3-pin DMX connections

Power input: DC9V 1000mA

Dimension: 485mm × 290mm ×98mm

Net Weight: 4.5kg

Additional Feature

Built-in cross fader, dark and pause buttons

MIDI in, out and thru (with file dump)

Direct audio input

Sequential linking or simultaneous playback of chases

Override chases on the fly

Up to CE standard, L standard and GB7000.15-2000 standard