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1305-DMX-240B console

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Technical Parameter

Each scene can store independent time and fade time
Each step of Chase can store independent time and fade time
Auto run while connect to electric

12 scanners of 16 channels each
30 banks have 8 programmable scenes each
6 programmable chases of 85 steps each
8 slider for manual control of channels
Assignable joystick for ease of movement
The data of console can be sent and received
between 2 units via CANNON signal cable
In fade mode, ALL (all channel) or X/Y only could be selected separately
Fine adjustment for Wheel pan and TILT
Midi control over banks, chases and blackout
LED lamp connector
Power input: DC 9-12V 1000mA
Audio input: by built-in microphone or line
in, 100mv-1vpp
DMX in/out: 3 pin male/female XLR
Dimension : 482mm × 190mm ×90mm
Net Weight: 2.6kg

Up to CE standard, UL standard and GB7000.15-2000 standard