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1369-1024S DMX Recorder

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Technical Parameter

2 sets of DMX512 signal input and play interface, control 1024 channels

Play mode can be adjusted, free choice of automatic (Multi, Cycle, Single), Microphone, Audio and MIDI

Each program can adjust play speed freely in automatic play mode

Built-in 512M storage, stored in 8 programs, each program can record for more than 5 minutes (depending on the channels of the console and the size of the content)

Two interface manipulation modes: system (all functions) and user (only play function)

Five-pin MIDI connector connected to computer via converter to realize sound & light synchronization

MIDI sound & light synchronization

Microphone pickup, AV audio input, sensitivity can be adjusted

RJ45 or RS232 connect central control or touch panel

Support XLR pin 3 / RJ45 network port

USB disk backup and download

Input Voltage: AC88~256V 50/60Hz

Dimension: 482mm×173mm×44mm

Net Weight: 1.7kg