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1380-8MG3BU DMX Merger

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Technical Parameter

DMX 512/1990 Standard

3 DMX inputs and 8 DMX outputs

There are two modes of the Merger to control:HTP mode and Backup mode

HTP: the highest value of 3 identical channels from 3 DMX-signals will have priority

Backup: when input A DMX- signal fail, input B DMX-signal take over immediately. When both input A & B DMX- signal fail, input C DMX-signal take over immediately

Independent input and output signal

Input and output ports use Inrush Protection

Each DMX output has super driving ability. Each input and output has LED indicator

Wide input stable electric power supply, suitable for voltage input of different countries

Dimension: 482mm ×173mm × 46mm

Net Weight: 1.75Kg

Input Voltage: AC88~256V 50/60Hz
Up to CE standard, UL standard and GB 7000.15-2000 standard